His Dark Materials (комплект из 3 книг) Philip Pullman

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She tricks Iofur into fighting Iorek, who arrives with the others to rescue Lyra. Iorek kills Iofur and takes his place as the rightful king. He tells Lyra that the Church believes Dust is the basis of sin , and plans to visit the other universes and destroy its source. Lyra determines to stop Asriel and discover the source of Dust for herself. Here Lyra meets Will Parry , a twelve-year-old boy from our world.

One edge of the knife can divide even subatomic particles and form subtle divisions in space, creating portals between worlds; the other edge easily cuts through any form of matter. Scoresby dies defending Grumman from the forces of the Church.

Coulter , an agent of the Magisterium who has learned of the prophecy identifying Lyra as the next Eve. There she comes to understand the true nature of Dust, which is both created by and nourishes life which has become self-aware. Lord Asriel and the reformed Mrs. They succeed, but themselves suffer annihilation in the process by pulling Metatron into the abyss.

The book ends with Will and Lyra falling in love but realising they cannot live together in the same world, because all windows — except one from the underworld to the world of the Mulefa — must be closed to prevent the loss of Dust, and because each of them can only live full lives in their native worlds. This is the temptation that Mary was meant to give them; to help them fall in love and then choose whether they should stay together or not. Lyra loses her ability to intuitively read the alethiometer and determines to learn how to use her conscious mind to achieve the same effect.

It takes the form of a creature moth, bird, dog, monkey, snake, etc. This process can take place in a medical setting, as with the guillotine used at Bolvangar , or as a form of torture used by the Skraelings.

Severing the link using the silver guillotine method releases tremendous amounts of unnamed energy, convertible to anbaric electric power. Pullman has identified three major literary influences on His Dark Materials: Critics have compared the trilogy with The Chronicles of Narnia , by C. Pullman however has characterised the Narnia series as "blatantly racist", "monumentally disparaging of women", "immoral", and "evil". In June it was voted, in an online poll, as the best Carnegie Medal winner in the seventy-year history of the award, the Carnegie of Carnegies.

The Observer cites Northern Lights as one of the best novels. On 19 May , Pullman attended the British Library in London to receive formal congratulations for his work from culture secretary Tessa Jowell "on behalf of the government".

At the time, only His Dark Materials and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire amongst the top five works lacked a screen-adaptation the film version of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire , which came fifth, was released in His Dark Materials has occasioned controversy, primarily amongst some Christian groups. My books are about killing God". Some of the characters criticise institutional religion.

Skadi later extends her criticism to all organised religion: By this part of the book, the witches have made reference to how they are treated criminally by the church in their worlds. Formerly a Catholic nun , she gave up her vows when the experience of falling in love caused her to doubt her faith. Pullman has warned against equating these views with his own, saying of Malone: Pullman portrays life after death very differently from the Christian concept of heaven: In the third book, the afterlife plays out in a bleak underworld , similar to the Greek vision of the afterlife, wherein harpies torment people until Lyra and Will descend into the land of the dead.

At their intercession, the harpies agree to stop tormenting the dead souls, and instead receive the true stories of the dead in exchange for leading them again to the upper world. When the dead souls emerge, they dissolve into atoms and merge with the environment. And that was horrible, but it is not the only such place, not the only practice. Sisters, you know only the north: I have travelled in the south lands.

Pullman makes it explicit that the Authority did not create worlds, and his trilogy does not speculate on who or what if anything might have done so. Members of the Church are typically displayed as zealots. Cynthia Grenier, in the Catholic Culture , said: His Church is an instrument of oppression, and true heroism consists of overthrowing both". Pullman has singled out certain elements of Christianity for criticism, as in the following: But if there is a God, and he is as the Christians describe him, then he deserves to be put down and rebelled against".

In a November interview Pullman was asked to respond to the fact that the Catholic Herald had called his books "the stuff of nightmares" and "worthy of the bonfire". Pullman renames various common objects or ideas of our world with archaic terms or new words of his own.

Below are some of these renamings and new words. The pronunciations given here are those used in the radio plays and the audio book readings of the trilogy narrated by Pullman himself. This short novel serves as a prequel to His Dark Materials and focuses on the Texan aeronaut Lee Scoresby as a young man. After winning his hot-air balloon, Scoresby heads to the North, landing on the Arctic island Novy Odense, where he is pulled into a conflict between the oil tycoon Larsen Manganese, the corrupt mayoral candidate Ivan Poliakov, and his longtime enemy from the Dakota Country, Pierre McConville.

A short story originally released exclusively as an audiobook by Audible in December , narrated by actor Bill Nighy. The story alludes to the early life of Mrs Coulter and is set in the senior common room of an Oxford college.

The first book, La Belle Sauvage , was published on 19 October In August , Pullman said: Once Upon a Time in the North will be a dark blue book.

There still remains a green book. It was first broadcast in , and re-broadcast in both and in , and was and released by the BBC on CD and cassette. The play was enormously successful and was revived with a different cast and a revised script for a second run between November and April It has since been staged by several other theatres in the UK and elsewhere. Pullman made a cameo appearance much to the delight of the audience and Oxford media.

The production finished up at West Yorkshire Playhouse in June Directed by Chris Weitz , the production had a mixed reception, and though worldwide sales were strong, its U. The filmmakers obscured the explicitly Biblical character of the Authority to avoid offending viewers.

Weitz declared that he would not do the same for the planned sequels. There are always compromises". Coulter, and Daniel Craig as Lord Asriel. No sequels are planned. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see His Dark Materials disambiguation. Cover of Scholastic collected edition, Locations in His Dark Materials. Characters of His Dark Materials. From aletheia Ancient Greek: Anbaric , and the prefix anbaro-: Both words derive from the electrostatic properties of amber.

Research into particle physics. Rubber and possibly also plastic, from the Quechuan word cauchuc or caoutchouc , meaning the sap of the rubber tree. All scientific enquiry derives from the church and so the language that describes it has religious overtones a chapel is ordinarily a place of religious worship.

The head of a scientific laboratory. Sometimes hot chocolate ; other times "a bar of chocolatl" a chocolate bar. From chocolatl , the Nahuatl word for chocolate. An underground railway station. A type of wood used by witches for flying akin to broomsticks in other literature.

A synthetic fibre made from coal, was invented as a substitute for natural silk, akin to Nylon. Petroleum or other hydrocarbon fuels derived from it. Mysterious cosmic particles that are integral to the plot. Dust is invisible to the human eye, and, unlike ordinary particles, Dust is conscious.

An occasionally used Latin word for amber ; see "anbaric" above. A geothermal vent in which the panserbjorne work in metallurgy ; supposedly impenetrable to humans and witches.

Marzipan , "marchpane" is an archaic word for "marzipan". Oil or petroleum as in oil-lamp, rather than naphtha-lamp. A petrochemical like kerosene. A computer from the same root as ordinateur French and ordenador Spanish.

Having to do with the study of the physical laws of the universe i. In our own world, science and physics grew out of - and were, until the 19th century usually referred to as - natural philosophy.

A photograph ; more primitive than those in our own world but able to be developed in multiple ways. A magic lantern used for photograms. The name, in our universe, of Dust. From "Natural Theology" meaning "science". List of renamings of peoples and places. Unless stated otherwise, these words are all capitalised. Named after the explorer who first set out in the region, Vitus Bering.

A phonetically identical re-spelling of Britain. It has echoes of " Brython ", a word for ancient British people and the lands they inhabited.

A third companion piece Pullman refers to as the "green book" will expand upon his character Will. He has plans for one more, the as-yet-unwritten " The Book of Dust ", which is tentatively set for release in This book is not a continuation of the trilogy but will include characters and events from His Dark Materials.

Peter Hitchens has argued that Pullman actively pursues an anti-Christian agenda. I find the books upholding certain values that I think are important. Such as that this life is immensely valuable. Both feature children facing adult moral choices, talking animals, religious allegories, parallel worlds, and concern the ultimate fate of those worlds.

Tolkien and J K Rowling , describing the author as one "whose books have begun to dissolve the frontier between adult and juvenile fiction. Williams has gone so far as to propose that " His Dark Materials " be taught as part of religious education in schools. In the end, the authors argue that Pullman offers an unwitting tribute to the God he intended to discredit. Postproduction is currently underway in Manchester and Amsterdam. The film is produced by the Dutch production company Dynamic Entertainment.

His Dark Materials, a disturbing allegory of genital mutilation" [ http: